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Meet Olga

Olga's family are the owners of Curley’s Diner located in downtown Stamford, where she has worked and managed for 20 years. Curley's has been in the center of downtown Stamford since the 1940s and has been owned by Olgas’ family since 1976. Olga and her family have strong ties to the Stamford community where clients have become friends and family.

Olga’s parents and extended family are Greek and Spanish immigrants, and she speaks English, Spanish, and Greek fluently, often moving between languages in the same conversation.  

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Volunteers are the heart of our campaign, and your involvement can make a real difference in shaping Stamford's future. Join us to connect with your community, support meaningful change, and help drive our mission forward. Your efforts will be invaluable in making our vision for Stamford a reality.

Key Priorities

Olga has a vision for ways we can make our community better! Her priority is listening to the people of District 148 and hearing your ideas. Your concerns is what Olga will place first in Hartford once elected. However, Olga has proved herself a champion in fighting for and defending the following issues:

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